Submitting a bug report

Bug reports, requests for support and new features can be submitted at the project's web page located here.

If you found a bug, it will help the maintainers fix the problem and test it if you follow the process below before submitting a bug report.

Collecting information

  • The version of gnochm you are running;

  • The system you are using (e.g. Fedora Core 3, Mandrake 9.2, etc.);

  • The type of the gnochm distribution you used - RPM, source, other?;

  • Versions of the following programs/libraries:

    • PyCHM
    • Python
    • pygtk2
    • pygtk2-libglade
    • gnome-python2
    • gnome-python-gtkhtml2
  • A good description of how to re-create the problem. If the bug only shows up when you open a particular file, provide a pointer to where the file can be obtained, so we can verify our fix;

  • A log file. On unix, gnochm log files are saved as ~/.gnochm.log, and are generated when you run gnochm with the "-d" command line option.